What you track you manage.

It's time to stay accountable.

The Digital Running Log for Marathoners includes:

  • Easy to set up instructions
  • Monthly Goals Planning Sheet
  • Race Record Log
  • Race Finishing Time Calculator
  • Mile Splits Charts (that you can use as a race pace wrist band)
  • Running Log Sheet for Each Month of the Year
  • Automatically tracks your miles you run each month and throughout the year
  • Automatically tracks the amount of time you spend active (running or another type of workout)
Buy the Digital Running Log for Marathoners for $17

What the Digital Running Log Gives You

  • Accountability to yourself and to others (easily share your log with others to help each other stay on track or even print off your sheets for a physical visual hard copy!)
  • Motivation to keep on track with your goals and hit your monthly targets
  • Easily see what has worked for you in your running and what you should avoid
  • Spend less time adding up mileage and more time out running

Tabs Included inside the Digital Running Log for Marathoners

Automatically see your Month-to-Month Progress and your Year-to-Date Progress in a Glance!

OVERVIEW TAB: This tab is where you can see an automatic calculation of how many miles you have currently run throughout the year.

You will also see an overview of how many miles your have run each month and how many minutes you have spent being active each month. 

Set Achievable Running Goals!

MONTHLY GOALS LOG: Get specific about what your running goals are for each month of the year so that you can make progress!

This Tab also includes a Race Record and Race Finish Time Log.

Automatically Calculate Finish Time & Your Mile Split Times!

PACE CALCULATOR TAB: The Pace Calculator includes a nifty little finish time calculator that will automatically show you what your finish time is for a 5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon race once you tell it your goal race pace.

It also includes a mile splits chart that is automatically populated when you tell it what your goal race pace is. Print this chart off, seal it in packing tape and make a pace wrist band out of it for your training runs or races!

Record Your Runs & All Your Progress in Simple Month to Month Logs!

MONTHLY LOG TABS: There are 12 tabs that have the names of each month included. This is where you will log your runs! When you log your miles they will automatically be added up and shown in your monthly overview tab at the top of that month's running log and in the Overview Tab.

Each of the Monthly Log Tabs also includes easy to use dropdown menus to make logging your training runs or cross training workouts a bit easier! 


Can I use this Digital Running Log for Marathoners on my phone or tablet?

I recommend first setting up this Digital Running Log for Marathoners on your computer or laptop. If you would like to access your spreadsheet on your tablet or phone afterwards I highly recommend downloading the Google Sheets app (available for Android and Apple devices) to make accessing the spreadsheets easier.

Can I use this Digital Running Log for Marathoners Spreadsheet in Excel?

This spreadsheet can only be used on Google Sheets, it is not compatible with Excel. You will need a Google account (which is free) to access this spreadsheet. 

Can I use this Digital Running Log for Marathoners for Multiple Years?

You can use this spreadsheet for as many months or years as you like! You can duplicate the month tab and the entire file for as many months and years as you need. 

Is this a one time purchase or an annual subscription?

Your purchase of this Digital Running Log for Marathoners is a one time purchase however you are able to duplicate the log and use it for as many years as you would like.

Do you offer refunds on the Digital Running Log for Marathoners?

As this is an instant digital download all sales are final. I don’t accept returns, exchanges or order cancellations due to the nature of digital purchases.

Can I access the Digital Running Log for Marathoners offline?

While you will need an internet browser to edit your spreadsheet, Google Sheets has made it possible for you to edit and access your spreadsheet offline.

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