Should marathoners strength train? How often? What exercises should you do? How long should you train for?

No more wondering!

The Strength Training Plan for Marathoners & Half Marathoners is a pdf package of 11 at-home, no-equipment necessary workouts that build strong, injury-proof, endurance muscles.

And here's more good news...they are compatible with any marathon or half marathon training plan!

BUY NOW for $27!

Love it or get your money back within 14 days of purchase!

As a marathon runner you don't have time to waste using the wrong strength training techniques. Can't someone just tell you what to do already?!

You realize that strength training is the ideal form of cross training as a marathon runner.

But there's so much in your way:

  • Strength workouts take extra time and you're already running higher mileage weeks!
  • You feel exhausted after your runs and especially long runs. How are you supposed to stack strength training on top of everything?
  • Doesn't strength training mean expensive equipment that you might use once or twice and then never use again?
  • Also, there are literally zillions of strength workouts out there. How do you know which ones are right for you and your marathon training?

The Strength Training Plan for Marathoners gives you 11-done for you workouts that were designed specifically for marathon & half marathon runners!

With this strength training plan say yes to:

  • Strength workouts that can be done absolutely anywhere! At home, on a trail, at the park, in your back yard, by a lake, wherever your running takes you!
  • Not having to use any equipment unless your little heart desires it! If you do want to use weight, you only need 1 pair of free weights!
  • Staying motivated and inspired! With the 11 included strength workouts, you will have lots of variety so that you don't get burned out with doing the same moves over and over.
  • Cross training days that are well-spent in a targeted and focused manner! No more haphazard guessing about what to do when XT shows up on your marathon schedule. Pick one of these workouts that will enhance your marathon potential!
  • Seeing results! These workouts are designed using specific endurance strength training techniques that are necessary (but often neglected!) for marathon runners!

Here's what you'll get:

  • 11 Simple yet highly effective strength endurance building workouts!
  • 8 week strength training plan AND a blank calendar to design your own schedule
  • A complete guide to strength training as a marathon runner + the physiology behind why as a marathoner you need to be strength training in a very specific manner!
  • Step by step photos of how to perform each move + simple instructions
  • Downloadable + printable workouts that can also be accessed across any and all of your devices!

Just 8 short weeks with just 2 fifteen minute workouts each week you will:

  • Drastically improve your running efficiency. Strengthening your core, upper and lower body will translate into better running form which = better efficiency, faster times and less fatigue! Running economy IS a race performance predictor!
  • Gain a faster kick to the finish line. Having more muscle mass in the legs means that you are able to put more force into the ground. In doing so you are able to make that finish line sprint faster. Who doesn't like an amazing, strong finish?
  • Feel different (and probably look different too!) Strength training will change your body. It will change how you feel. It will change how you look, especially if you are not used to strength training!
  • Eliminate muscular imbalances between muscles that do opposite jobs (agonist vs. antagonist muscles). It is important for us to target muscles that we don’t workout while running. In this Strength Training Plan for Marathoners, you will be targeting ALL of your major muscle groups during EACH workout! This is so vital for your overall health and fitness. As a runner, we don’t want to just build our running muscles. We need to take care of all of the muscles in our body so that we can run when we want to and for as long as we want to no matter what our age.
  • Gain a stronger upper body. This is important for marathoners as it can make all the difference in the later miles of a race. As your legs begin to tire, your upper body can help to compensate for it if it is strong enough. Your back, core and arm muscles can help give you that momentum that you need to keep on going. It will pull you to the finish line while battling off fatigue.
  • Experience less fatigue and exhaustion when you are running long distance runs. Having overall strength, in the upper and lower body, will extend a runner's "time until exhaustion", or the point where they can physiologically not go any further. Building not just strength but endurance strength will make you more capable of running longer distances.
  • Save time by performing focused, targeted strength workouts that are easily modified to be anywhere from 8 to 30 minutes in length.

Let's take a closer look at just what's inside!

11 Strength Workouts for Marathoners!

  • Each workout targets the 5 major muscle groups of the body
  • Build endurance strength so that you can run long distances with less fatigue
  • Easy to modify: shorten or lengthen the workout, add or take away sets, use bodyweight or a pair of free weights, do at home or outside or anywhere!

8 Week Strength Training Plan AND Blank Calendar

  • A ready-to-go 8 week/2 month strength training calendar to begin implementing with your current running schedule immediately.
  • OR use the blank calendar to map out your own 2 month strength plan using the included workouts and your current running plan.

Complete Guide on how to Strength Train Specifically for Marathon Runners

  • When to best include strength training in your running routine
  • How to build the right types of muscle fibers through strength training
  • How often to do these workouts
  • How to modify each workout to meet you at your fitness level
  • How to lengthen or shorten the workouts
  • How to turn your strength workouts into a great cross training circuit + strength workout combo for more calorie burn

Get the Strength Training Plan for Marathoners now so that you can experience less fatigue and start building those strong endurance muscles!

What makes this strength training plan the best for marathon or half marathon runners?

The workouts in this Strength Training Plan for Marathoners trains your muscles in a way that builds endurance strength vs. building power strength.

This is an important distinction to make because how you strength train will directly affect your running performance.

Building the wrong types of muscle fibers will be devastating to your marathon running performance.

Yet many strength plans and workouts out there are not for marathon runners because they do not build the right types of muscle fibers that allow us to reach our endurance running potential.

Each of the 10 workouts included inside the Strength Training Plan for Marathoners, uses the endurance strength building protocol that is so beneficial to long distance runners!

You're going to make running look & feel easy!

You will love these workouts if:

  • You are currently training for a full marathon
  • You are currently training for a half marathon
  • You run regularly and want to begin a strength training program that is specific to runners
  • You want to injury-proof your muscles
  • You want to build a strong base before you begin a marathon or half marathon training plan
  • You want to mix up your current strength routine with 11 different workouts

With the Strength Training Plan for Marathoners it's super easy to set up an effective strength routine while training for a marathon!

Step 1: Choose which strength workout you want to do on a cross-training day or as an add-on workout after a short run.

Step 2: Set your timer for 15 minutes (or your desired workout time).

Step 3: Perform the simple 5-exercise strength workout!

After all the marathon or half marathon training that you are doing right now, I get that you want a quick, simple strength routine to add seamlessly into your training!

Hi, I'm Molly! I have a B.S. degree in Exercise Science and my goal is to help runners achieve their marathon dreams by giving them simple tools, systems, and resources to do so.

I believe that anyone can run a marathon. It doesn't have to be complicated, you just need the right tools and a healthy dose of consistency.

Training for a marathon is not just about running though.

There is so much to think about: logistics, mileage, cross training, avoiding injury, fueling properly and the list goes on!

After training thousands of marathon runners, I want to help simply the marathon training process even more by giving you this package of 11 strength workouts that were designed especially for you as a marathon runner.

No more wondering what to do on your cross training days.

Strength training is the most ideal form of cross training for a marathon runner and these workouts are ready for you to begin TODAY!


I have never strength trained before. Is this plan for me?

Yes! This plan is so versatile and can be modified in so many different ways (I show you how inside!) that this plan is for absolute beginners all the way to intermediate strength trainers.

What format is this training plan?

You will get instant access to this digital product! No waiting for your training package to come in the mail.

Instead, you can use the plan digitally or print it out. Either way you can begin these strength workouts immediately! Look for an email with all of your confirmation details immediately upon purchasing.

If I print the entire plan, will it be as good as if I just used it online? I want to get the most out of it, but I am more old school and I just want to make sure that whether I use on my device or print it out, it's the same end goal.

Yes, these are just simple workouts with photos and instructions on a pdf file. Whether you store them on your device or print them out you will get the exact same results as there is no voice-over, music, interactions, etc. 

How long do I have access to the training plan?

After purchasing, you have unlimited access to this program for the lifetime of the program - across any and all devices you own.

Do you have a refund policy?

I want nothing else than to see that happy smile and strong finish line victory and I'm confident that this training program will help you do just that.

However, if this course doesn't give you what you had hoped for, just email me at within 14 days of your purchase and I will gladly give you a full refund.

I proudly stand behind these strength training workouts and I only want you to find it valuable and helpful in achieving your marathon dreams!

Get it now and start your marathon strength training routine TODAY!

One more time, here's everything you will get when you sign up for the Strength Training Plan for Marathoners:

  • 11 Simple yet highly effective strength endurance building workouts designed specifically for marathoners! - $47 value
  • 8 week strength training plan AND a blank calendar to design your own schedule - $17 value
  • A complete guide on how to strength train properly and effectively as a marathon runner. - $17 value
  • Step by step photos of how to perform each move + simple instructions
  • Downloadable + printable workouts that can also be accessed across any and all of your devices!

Total Value: $81

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